The Hatchery – Self Catering Accommodation

The Hatchery is a deserted old prawn farm on a river mouth and coastal reserve on the KZN North Coast.

The Hatchery was a prawn breeding facility on a lagoon overlooking a deserted beach and nature reserve. It makes for a unique destination for any visitor to the North Coast. The facility has been “lightly” renovated – the end result is a unique blend of comfort and rustic cool. The Hatchery is all about chilling out, letting loose, and reconnecting.

This is totally something different and one should realize that you will be leaving your comfort zone.  With an open mind one can have a real Hatchery feeling and not to judge a book by its cover and ease into the experience.

We are self catering; bringing your own supplies in is recommended. Low slung cars can scrape on the road in so leave the Beemer at home for this one or take your time on the way in.

We stepped out and put in linen, bedding, towels, and even air-cons and you don’t have to share your public with undesirables. No baths, only en-suites with double showers which are good for washing kids once they’ve had their full and um – well we’d just rather not say.

The communal kitchen and dining table is kitted for any culinary adventure you may want to try your hand at, and a cool place to hang out in inclement weather. There are plenty of spots which show different aspects of the bush and beach environment right at the Hatchery or if you prefer to explore try Casuarina Island or one of the lagoons beaches a stone’s throw away.

The butlers are available to assist, advice, and make your stay as comfortable as possible – they can do anything you don’t want to (even taking the little monsters – oops we mean darlings – off your hands) or if you just get too chilled out to do anything at all it doesn’t matter enjoy!!

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